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    LiFi Publications is an altogether new, academically motivated venture of the House of DKs. Which, for nearly half-a-century, has functioned across the continents as ‘D.K. Agencies (P) Ltd’. The name ‘DK’, in fact, is too well-known to call for any introduction in the global book market.


    DK: A Book House with Worldwide Clientele

    With its impeccable record, huge experience and excellent services with meticulous attention to the finest details, DK has all along served libraries, academic institutions, and book trade in about eighty countries. Needless to say, the House of DK has a vast, well-founded marketing network – headed by professionally trained management team, with decades of experience and all the know-how of the book trade.

    The DK family is already in publishing business – having been producing a considerable variety of academically-oriented works for over four decades. In its bibliographic services, through a variety of media, DK stands unrivalled in the entire Indian subcontinent.

    Notwithstanding its state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern outlook, the House of DKs upholds ethical values of traditional business.

    The New Venture

    Even if LiFi Publications is a new venture, the hands behind are not new – they all are the old, experienced persons, managing the nearly fifty-year-old DK House. It, in fact, has been raised by a group that has constantly striven towards perfection. Never ever has it compromised with either content or with any aspect of production!

    LiFi Publications is meant to focus exclusively on the literary works of fiction. The name ‘LiFi’ itself is meant to signify ‘Literary Fiction’

    Seeking to contribute its little bit to literature, LiFi Publications proposes to bring out literary fiction of almost every genre including, for instance, stories, adventure stories, detective and mystery stories, fantasy stories, ghost stories, horror stories, humorous stories, love stories, paranormal romance stories, spy stories, crime stories, war stories, et al – and, besides these, novels of literary value: whether historical, political, social, religious, feminist, or the ones having strong elements of fantasy and suspense. In other words, any novel or work of fiction that bears LiFi’s imprint should have appeal for wider sections of readership.

    LiFi’s has essentially twofold objectives:

                     (a)  to achieve literary excellence in whatever it publishes, and 
                     (b)  to do all to promote and popularize its authors and their works.

    Being an ambitious project of the House of DKs, LiFi is soon likely to be a buzz word among global readers and booksellers; besides being a much-sought-after platform for the fiction writers. 

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