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  • Inviting Fiction Writers

    LiFi Publications invites both debutants and well-established authors, writing fiction in English or offering English translations of novels/stories, originally published in any Indian or foreign language.

    Here are some of the essential guidelines for you, if you wish to be published by LiFi:

    1) Send your proposal by email to:info@lifipublications.com

    2) Please do not send us submissions on floppy disks, CDs or any other digital form.

    3) Soft Copy of your novel/short stories should be in Times New Roman 12 font in word file only.

    4) We expect to receive a detailed synopsis and three sample chapters of the proposed work for evaluation.

    5) Please do not send us complete manuscript at this point. We may ask for the same later if the portion made available to us proves to be inadequate.

    6) We will take six months to review your submission.

    7) Please note that the decision to accept or reject your proposal lies with LiFi Publications alone. We may not give a reason should we decide not to accept your submission.

     8) Do not submit your manuscript to other publishing houses while your proposal is being considered by LiFi.

    9)Once your submission is found to be 'not publish-worthy' by our reviewers, please do not resubmit the same Proposal but, we will definitely look at your new submissions at a later date.

    10)Please ensure that you retain a copy (Hard/Soft) of your work/submission with you as LiFi Publications is not responsible for any loss or damage of the submitted work.

    11)The ideal word count for a complete manuscript should range between 30,000 and 60,000. Submission of larger manuscripts will be considered depending on their contents.

    12)Submissions will not be returned irrespective of whether they have been accepted or turned down. If they have been turned down, the company will dispose them off and will not enter into any further communication whatsoever about the same after informing you once about our decision.    

    Ask LiFi Publications for any other information.